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About Move On Up

Move On Up is a National Lottery Community Fund funded project that will provide early support to 290 young learning-disabled and autistic people in Leeds and Bradford leaving school, college and young people’s services, empowering them to transition successfully to adult community services. The project will run until the end of April 2025.


We work in partnership with local schools, colleges and young people’s services to deliver interactive and creative transition workshops. The workshops focus on topics which equip young people with new life skills, so they transition to adult services feeling confident, with increased self-esteem and independence.

Transition Workshops

We work in partnership with local schools, colleges and young people’s services to deliver interactive and creative transition workshops. The workshops focus on topics which equip young people with new life skills, so they transition to adult services feeling confident, with increased self-esteem and independence.

Buddy Scheme

We’re working with partner organisations to train learning-disabled and autistic adults to become Buddies, so young people attending taster sessions are supported by a peer.

One to One Support

We can provide one-to-one support to young people who need longer-term, holistic support to transition to adult services.

Support for families and carers

We can support parents, families and carers by offering advice, information and guidance about community activities and funding arrangements.

The Move On Up team is made up of Projects Manager, Hannah, and Projects Assistant, Róisín, who are working with Fran, our Chief Executive Officer, and Bronia, our Head of Programmes to bring the project to life!

January 2024 Update!

“What a joy it has been to witness the workshops. The creative methods used and the nurturing of each student is an extremely positive experience.” Tutor feedback

Following a sucessful first term, we are excited to be moving into 2024 and continuing to support our Move On Up partners and participants.

By the end of December last year, our Leeds City College participants had taken part in 5 workshops exploring 11 different activities, including sports, self advocacy, art, music and social. Each activity was explored through creative, multi-sensory methods; some highlights from the past term include trying magnetic fishing to explore outdoors activities, playing people bingo to represent social activities and learning different styles and movements when trying out dance activities. 

At Bradford College, we continued developing participants’ confidence and skills to face change using the Transitions Toolkit; before the festive holidays, participants sharpened their decision making skills through role play and drama activities, either adventuring towards a sunny desert island, or trying to make it through a tricky day at work!

As we move into 2024, we are looking forward to supporting our college partners in identifying and signposting potential organisations and activities for participants to transition into, through resources, transitions events and meetings. We will also be distributing the Transitions Toolkit activity booklet to our partners and participants, which compliments our workshops with further activities to build participants’ confidence in facing change. 

As well as our transitions workshops, we have also began piloting our Move On Up Training for professionals who support young learning-disabled and autistic people through the transitions process – scroll down to the Training section to find out more! 

You can keep up to date with Move On Up and see photos from the workshops on our Instagram and Facebook.

Move On Up’s Impact

“Students have thought about their future in a more creative way. They have had opportunities to reflect on and share their thoughts and feelings on progressing out and leaving college.” Tutor feedback

At the end of our 2022-2023 Move On Up year, we worked with participants to imagine their Move On Up journey throughout the year and beyond. Check out our ‘River of Life’ Evaluation below to read about how participants reflected on their experience:

The confidence sunflowers are a visual representation of how participants’ feelings towards facing change have developed over the year. Whilst it is amazing to see participants’ sunflowers grow, we also believe that the confidence to express their true feelings, positive or negative, is an incredibly important skill that we encourage participants to practice throughout the year.

“Each member of the group is nurtured and valued, which gives each member a voice and in turn facilitates them to reach for their full potential.” Tutor feedback

2022-23 Move On Up participants completed their sunflowers at the beginning and end of their year:

Move On Up Training

“It’s a fantastic creative way to encourage students to think about their future and prepare them for moving on.” Tutor feedback

During the third year of Move On Up, we will be developing and piloting training for school and college staff to deliver Move On Up workshops to their students. We have had more requests for Move On Up than we can accomodate, so we hope that by creating training, we will be able to expand the reach and impact of the project, as well as spreading the use of The Purple Patch Approach.

In November 2023, we delivered our first training session to teachers at Hazelbeck School. This session is the first of 3: ‘The Purple Patch Approach’, ‘Delivering the Transitions Toolkit’, and ‘Using the Arts to Gather Opinions and Choices’. The 2-hour session on ‘The Purple Patch Approach’ was fun and creative, building the staff members’ confidence in using the Approach through positive and affirming activities. We are excited to carry on piloting the training this year, and we will continue to gather feedback along the way to ensure it is useful, relevant and engaging.

If you would like to know more about Move On Up training, please contact Hannah using the contact details at the end of this page.

Move On Up Resources

Icon of organisations booklet

Organisations Booklet

The Move On Up Network is a group of organisations and services across West Yorkshire who have provided us with up-to-date information about their service to share with Move On Up participants. Click the link below to access the accessible booklet.

Icon of buddies

Buddy Training

We have developed the Move On Up Buddy Scheme to develop the peer support available for young people transitioning into new activities and organisations. Take a look at the training available and get in touch if you would like a Buddy Training pack for your organisation!

Newsletter accessible icon

Move On Up Newsletter

Our Move On Up Newsletter provides information about transitions, relevant events and opportunties, organisations, and websites to support families and carers during the transition process. You can read an accessible summary of the latest newsletter here, and view the relevant newsletter using the buttons below.

If you have any questions about the Move On Up resources, please contact Hannah or Róisín using their details below.

As always, a big thank you to Beth who designed our logo, and the wonderful icons that accompany the various strands of the project!

Move On Up Contacts

If you would like to know more about Move On Up, please get in touch! You can contact Hannah or Róisín using the details below:

A photo of Hannah smiling

Hannah, Projects Manager


Telephone: 07547 401776

A photo of Roisin smiling, looking straight at the camera

Róisín, Projects Assistant


Telephone: 07715 411536

Community Fund logo

Move On Up is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

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