Daily Activity 10: Orbiting

April 3, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mysterious Places: Stars & Planets

Fact of the day:

An orbit is a repeating path that one object in space takes around another. The moon orbits the earth, and the earth orbits the sun.

Resources list:

Ball; round tray, tin, or bowl; youtube

Activity 1:

Try out this orbiting activity, getting a ball (could be a ball of tin toil, ball of paper) to ‘orbit’ around a dot drawn or stuck in a round bowl, tin or tray. Imagine the dot is the Sun and your ball is Earth, where we live.

Activity 2:

Listen to ‘You Spin me Round’ here. Try and ‘orbit’ something in your room by moving around it in a circle everytime you hear the word ‘spin’ – try not to get too dizzy!

Activity 3:

Venus spins in the opposite direction to all the other planets. Try walking backwards, saying your name backwards, or writing your name backwards. What does ‘elprup’ mean in the opposite direction? Have an ‘Opposite Day’ – say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’, wear your clothes back-to-front, eat your pudding first!