Daily Activity 14: Spring Blossom

April 9, 2020

This week’s theme:

The Mysteries of Spring & Easter

Fact of the day:

Hanami is the Japanese tradition of celebrating blossom as the first sign of Spring.

Resources list:

Youtube; blanket, picnic, strawberries/orange/kiwi; paper, scissors, stapler or glue; plastic bottle, paint, paper.

Activity 1:

In Japan as the trees become alive with the color of cherry blossom (which they call ‘Sakura’) the local people all head to their closest park with food and drinks such as tea, they find a perfect spot for sitting down and enjoy a long picnic under the blossom trees. This is called ‘hanami’. Strawberries are the seasonal spring fruit in Japan, making them a popular hanami dessert. Other fruits like oranges and kiwi fruit are also popular in Japan. Once the sun goes down everybody is in for a cherry blossom viewing treat as Sakura are often illuminated with hanging lanterns.

Put down a blanket in your house or garden and have a picnic for your lunch! Eat strawberries, oranges or kiwi if you have them! Watch this video all about Hanami; at 2:30 into the video practice pronouncing the Japanese words for ‘cherry blossom, full bloom, cherry blossom viewing, spring, pink, park, picnic, and flower. Try making this lantern too!

Activity 2:

Blossom has been nicknamed ‘Natures confetti’ – cut out paper petal shapes to throw into the air like confetti. See how many you can catch in a hat, bowl or net. Repeat until you’re a pro catcher!

You could also try making some blossom art work like this using objects found in your recycling.

Activity 3:

In the UK, on social media people are sharing pictures of the spring blossom they can see from their homes under the hashtag #BlossomWatch – take a look at what’s out there on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and see if you can spot any blossom next time you’re outside.