Daily Activities 2: Batman

March 24, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mysterious People: Heroes and Villains.

Fact of the day:

Batman is also known as the ‘Caped Crusader’, the ‘World’s Greatest Detective’, and the ‘Dark Knight’.

Resources list:

Towels/sheets; Paper/card and pens; Youtube

Activity 1:

Make some bat capes from towels or sheets and swoop around the room helping people. Does somebody need their coffee topping up? Does somebody need something from another room? Batman to the rescue!

Activity 2:

Pow! Kapow! Bof! Zwap! Whack! Thwack! Make some signs to hold up as you copy some of the acting from some classic 1960s comedy Batman duels – link (some sign ideas are here)

Activity 3:

The signs can also be seen during the credits to the show – link. Listen to the song and come up with an action or make a noise with your mouth or with an instrument everytime you hear the word ‘Batman’.

Add-on Activities:

  • Come up with some of your own signs for words and actions that you commonly hear in your house.
  • Batman has Robin and Batgirl as his sidekicks. Who in your house could be your sidekick? Can you work together all day to do nice things for each other and be helpful to everybody you live with?