Daily activity 30: Pirates of the Caribbean

May 1, 2020

This week’s theme:

Unsolved Mysteries – The Life of a Pirate

Fact of the day:

The Pirates of the Caribbean film series is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World. The series surrounds the adventures of the eccentric pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Resources list:

Magazines/paper, straw, glue; Youtube, pan lids; water, lemon juice and sugar.

Activity 1:

Captain Jack Sparrow wears beads in his hair. You can make some paper beads of your own from old magazines to put in your hair, beard, or make a necklace with!

Activity 2:

Steel drums are a traditionally Caribbean instrument. Have a listen to them being played here. See if you can find, in your house, and objects that might make a similar noise or tone to a steel drum (pan lid, pen rattled in a cup, tin tray, empty fizzy drink can, tin of beans, frying pan, for a drum beater a spoon in a sock could work), and see if you can play along with the musician.

Try some basic calypso dance moves.

Activity 3:

Can you learn any of the Makaton signs to this reggae song?

Activity 4:

Try some pirate yoga moves?

Activity 5:

Grog was a pirate’s favourite drink, it was a mixture of rum, water, lemon juice, and sugar. Can you make an alcohol-free version to drink as you do today’s activities?

Add on Activity:

If you have the ingredients, try tasting some Caribbean food such as the fruits Guava and Mango.