Daily activity 40: Van Gogh, Jimi Hendrix, Eurovision, & Florence Nightingale

May 15, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mysterious News… This Week In History

Fact of the day:

The week starting 11th May has been a very eventful one in history.

Resources list:

Paper, paint or felt tips; Youtube; Tea towel, thin card, cape, sunglasses, tin foil, mirror; triangular bandage or tablecloth or piece of fabric; poster download.

Activity 1:

On 15th May 1990 ‘Portrait of Doctor Gachet’, painted in 1890 by artist Vincent van Gogh, sold for $82.5 million.

Draw a portrait of somebody in your house, or look in a mirror and draw a self portrait. Try colouring it in a Van Gogh style, i.e. with a series of dots or dashes of his paintbrush rather than full colouring in.

Activity 2:

On 12th May 1967 the “Are You Experienced” album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience was first released; it became one of the most influential debut albums ever made.

Have a listen and a dance to some of the songs, like The Wind Cries Mary or Hey Joe. How do they make you feel?

Make a gig poster featuring either yours or Jimi Hendrix’s name; incorporate bright bright colours, and 60s psychedelic swirls, rays and patterns like these backgrounds here, here, or here.

Activity 3:

Jimi Hendrix famously played guitar with his left hand; he modified right-handed guitars or played a right-handed guitar simply flipped over (treble E at the top). Try doing things with your non-dominant hand; can you brush your hair, brush your teeth, write your name, draw a picture?

Activity 4:

Eurovision ordinarily happens this week in May (this year the final was due to be on Saturday 16th May). Have a listen to some of these past smash hits and have a Eurovision dance party! [Warning: some of these performances contain flashing lights] Bobbysocks (Norway, 1985), Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden, 2015), Jedward (Ireland, 2011), Loreen (Sweden, 2012), Dana International (Israel, 1998), Lulu (UK, 1969), Lordi (Finland, 2006), Conchita Wurst (Austria, 2014), Scooch (UK, 2007) and ABBA (Sweden, 1974). Do you recognise any of the songs?

Can you find the above countries on a map?

Can you do the Brotherhood of Man dance?

Can you copy any of the moves to ‘Making Your Mind Up’? Try tucking a teatowel into your waistband to whip off in time with Bucks Fizz!

Activity 5:

As well as it being a song contest, there have been some magnificent costumes on Eurovision over the years. Make yourself a tall cone hat to rival Moldova’s outstanding entry from 2011!  Wear a cape (or a towel, blanket or sheet cape) and join in with the Czech Republic’s 2009 entry. Or wear some sunglasses, make a tinfoil star for your head, and grab a mirror to move to the beat of Ukraine’s utterly glorious 2007 entry!

Activity 6:

On 12th May 1820 Florence Nightingale was born. She became a famous nurse who spent her life improving the standard of healthcare in Britain and beyond. She became famous during the Crimean War when she worked abroad at a British army hospital. The soldiers called her ‘the lady with the lamp’ because she would work all night, comforting those in need. Florence helped to save many lives.

Practice putting a sling on the arm of somebody that you live with. If you don’t have a triangular bandage try using a table cloth or piece of fabric. Or, ask somebody to put a sling on you!

You could download and colour in a rainbow poster here or here or make one of your own to put in your window to say thank you to nurses, carers, and healthcare workers like Florence who are working today.

Add on Activity:

If you have the ingredients try some euro party snacks, such as cheese, sausage, olives, dips, pastries, pizza and pasta from around Europe.