Daily activity 44: Five Ways to Wellbeing – Give

May 21, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mental Health Awareness Week

Fact of the day:

Individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy.

Resources list:

Paper, pens, stapler; card, paper, paints, chalk; camera/video camera/mobile phone; lotion; paper.

Activity 1:

Make a kindness journal to record the things you do, such as the people that you help, the things you have done to make them laugh, or draw the people have been kind to each day. Also, record your gratitude and write about or draw pictures of the people that help and are kind to you. You could also note the things, foods, places and people that you are thankful for and that make you happy. You could celebrate your own successes – what have you done well this week, what are you proud of? You can write or draw anything at all in your journal – it’s yours.

Your journal can be as simple as pieces of A4 paper folded in half to form a book and stapled together – but give it a fancy front cover! On the cover you could do a mindful doodle and then colour in the spaces and shapes you have created.

Activity 2:

Make thank you cards, or display a thank you poster for those visiting your door, window, drive, or path (family, postmen and women, volunteers, refuse workers, delivery people, support staff, milkman, etc). They can look any way you like, but here are some ideas: poster, signs, or poster.

Activity 3:

Make a silly video to send to somebody to cheer them up – act out your best silly walks from last week (#38), or your best silly jokes, or sing a silly song, draw yourself a funny mask to wear! Or take some silly photos to send to somebody – what’s the silliest face you can make, and what’s the silliest costume you can wear? We could share them for you too, put them on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter or send it to melanie@purplepatcharts.org and we’ll put it online for you!

Activity 4:

Learn how to give someone a hand massage, once you’ve taught others how relaxing it is they may be able to give one back. Or, you could give yourself a hand massage. You could try listening to some relaxing sounds as you do it.

Activity 5:

Act out some random acts of kindness. For example: Smile at everybody you see today. Give compliments. Leave a secret kind note for somebody. Make today a no-complaining day. Cheer up a friend, in person or over the phone by talking to them. Help somebody before they ask you. There’s more ideas here too.

Make a ‘fortune teller’, like here or here to decide which random act of kindness to do next! Write each kind act under a different flap!