Daily activity 47: Grace Darling

May 26, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mysterious People: Inspirational Women

Fact of the day:

In 1838 Grace Darling risked her life to rescue shipwrecked mariners off the coast of Northumberland, she safely got all survivors back to shore.

Resources list:

Toilet roll rubes, red and white paint; washi tape/white wax crayon, paint; blue and white objects; white or blue sheet; Youtube; tinfoil and coins; card, pens and ribbon; black sock, cardboard.

Activity 1:

Grace Darling (1815 – 1842) was one of many women around the world who have held the lonely and dangerous job of lighthouse keeper. Many of these women tended the lights for decades, guiding countless ships and sailors to safety.

Make a red and white striped lighthouse model from kitchen roll tubes, or use the tubes to make lighthouse artwork. Or make a painting with washi tape or wax crayon resist for the beams of light from the lighthouse.

Activity 2:

On September 5, 1838, the 450-ton steamer ship ‘Forfarshire’ ran aground near the lighthouse, killing 35 people. Braving rough seas and strong winds, Grace and her father rowed nearly a mile to rescue the shipwreck survivors clinging to the rocks. “At the time I believe I had very little thought of anything but to exert myself to the fullest.”

Make a sea. Collect as many blue and white things from your house – arrange them on a tabletop to create a sea scape. You can add sea creatures and boats if you like.

With another person, flap a sheet create the motions of waves from a calm gentle bobbing wave to a rougher sea. You could do this solo by attaching the sheet to the back of a chair.

Can you do rowing actions in time to this song you can either do them seated or standing.

Activity 3:

Make a tin foil lifeboat to place in a sink, bath, or washing up bowl like this. How many pennies can you rescue and save in your boat without it sinking?

Activity 4:

Grace’s heroism earned her international fame, a medal for bravery from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and a monetary reward from Queen Victoria.

Create a medal for Grace Darling, or for somebody in your house that you think deserves a reward. It could look however you like, but there’s some ideas herehere and here.

Activity 5:

Grace’s story inspired poems, plays and paintings — and her likeness even graced the packaging of Lifebuoy Soap. .

Draw yourself and your name on packaging for your favourite product or food. Or draw your face, or print out a photo of your face to cut out and stick it on real-life packaging. Your face on soap, a crisp packet,  pack of toilet rolls, on a pizza box!

Activity 6:

Read or have somebody read to you this Grace Darling poem – can you make actions, movements or sounds for the words in bold?

Activity 7:

Grace’s lighthouse was Longstone Lighthouse, located in the remote Farne Islands, Northumberland, England. Today the Farne Islands are a well known wildlife spot where you can spot seals and puffins.

Make yourself a sock puppet Puffin by placing a black sock over your hand and attaching eyes, a cardboard red and black striped cardboard beak and yellow cheeks (it will look like a variation of this or this). Cut out a few cardboard fish, and see how many fish your bird can ‘catch’ in its beak!