Daily Activities 5: A Super Poem!

March 27, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mysterious People: Heroes and Villains.

Fact of the day:

Many Superheroes have superpowers, from being able to travel through time, to having superhuman strength, to having supersenses.

Resources list:

Poem – here, paper, felt tips, household items

Activity 1:

Read the poem or ask someone to read it out to you. Can you make some actions and sounds to go with the different lines?

Activity 2:

Have a look for some household items to make the mountains or towers (cardboard boxes?), find some fabric to be the oceans and use water and food colouring to make your ‘cleaning up potions’!

Activity 3:

Make some colourful craft birds to ‘race through the sky’. Instructions here. Can you find something blue to put them on (towel/shirt/sheet) and take a picture like they are flying round? You could add some cotton wool clouds!