Daily activity 68: Keep Fit Workouts

June 24, 2020

This week’s theme:

The Mysteries of Exercise

Fact of the day:

A quarter of adults aren’t active at all, yet exercise plays an important role in keeping us happy and healthy.

Resources list:

Tricia’s video, fancy dress work out outfit; Youtube; paper and pens, rainbow printout; dice printout, scissors, glue or tape.

Activity 1:

Join in with this 70s Disco workout routine by Tricia.

What outfit change can you make halfway through?

Activity 2:

Wear your most colourful outfit like Mr Motivator and try out his ‘at home’ exercise routine either seated or standing.

What motivational slogan or rhyme can you say to yourself when you’re feeling a bit tired or can’t be bothered exercising? It could be something like ‘I Can Do It’ ‘I’ll feel better if you get moving’, ‘Keep on Moving’ or ‘Come On, [your name]’. Make a poster with your slogan, decorate the sign and put it up where you can see it to remind yourself to stay active.

Activity 3:

Try an Art Relay Race. Place coloured pens around the room. Time yourself to see how fast you can draw and colour a rainbow (you could colour this printout). Each time you need a new colour, race to the side of the room to collect it. You can only collect one pen at a time. How speedily can you complete your rainbow.

Or, have 4 rainbows around the room. Race between them, once colour at a time, completing all 4 rainbows in the quickest time possible.

Activity 4:

Make 2 dice (you could use this template here). On one dice write 6 different numbers (unless you’re feeling really fit, it’s probably best not to go higher than 10! Don’t make it too easy though, don’t write all 1s and 2s!) On the other dice write different exercise moves. These could be star jumps, double arm raises, squats, touch your toes, overhead stretch to the left and right, twist your chest to the left and right, knee raises, step ups (using 1st step on your stairs), hop on the spot, etc. Each number you roll is the amount of repetitions of the exercise that you’ve got to do. Pop on some motivational music and start rolling your dice!