Daily Activity 7: Ursa Major & Minor

March 31, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mysterious Places: Stars & The Planets

Fact of the day:

The constellation Ursa Major is also known as the Great Bear, Ursa Minor is known as the Smaller Bear.

Resources list:

Paper/card, pens, scissors; You tube; Toilet roll tubes and pens/crayons/paint to decorate.

Activity 1:

Impersonate some bears – Growl like an angry Grizzly or Polar bear, say ‘Waka Waka’ like Fozzy Bear, and ‘Smarter Than The Average Bear’ like Yogi. Can you move like a hunting bear and catch a fish with your claws or jaws? Draw and design lots of your own colourful fish; cut them out and see how many can you catch if you throw them into the air.

Activity 2:

Listen to The Bear Necessities and have sing and dance along.

Activity 3:

Make some (great and small) toilet roll tube bears like these for a game of skittles.