Daily Activity 9: Life on the Surface of a Planet

April 2, 2020

This week’s theme:

Mysterious Places: Stars & The Planets

Fact of the day:

Some planets have rings, some have red spots, some are dusty, some have water and life.

Resources list:

Table, bits & bobs to create textures and height; Paper, pens, scissors; Youtube; Stop-motion app.

Activity 1:

Create a miniature planet display on a table; think about its colour and terrain – does it have mountains, lakes, water, ice, sand? Add anything you’d like to find on a new planet. Draw some creatures to cut out to live on your planet. Use things you can find in your home to create the different terrain and textures on your planet.

Activity 2:

Using your new planet as a set, make some cut out astronauts or aliens and create a music video for David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’  (or Ash ‘Girl From Mars’ or Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’, or Babylon Zoo ‘Spaceman’ etc). If you’re feeling techy, try filming your video as a stop-motion animation using free software such as this (for Android) or this (for Apple).

Activity 3:

Try walking slowly with big steps like an astronaut moon-walking in zero gravity.

Add-on Activity:

If you make a music video you can share it on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter or send it to melanie@purplepatcharts.org and we’ll put it online for you!