A photo of a person smiling

Support worker

Favourite colour – Purple, of course!
Favourite food – Cheese
Favourite place to go – Greece

Purple Patch is an amazing group, so friendly, so welcoming, so inclusive. I support a wonderful young man to Purple Patch and it is definitely one of the highlights of our week. He comes alive when we come to Purple Patch; he feels safe as they provide a caring learning environment where he can be himself and express himself as he wants. The topics covered each week are interesting and informative and he leaves having learnt lots.

The staff at Purple Patch are just brilliant, from the wonderful team at head office to the individual workshop leaders and supports. Each and every one of them has an energy that is simply infectious. I have to say such a huge, massive thank you to them all; they should feel amazingly proud of the wonderful service they provide. If I had my way, the whole world would be purple!