A photo of a person smiling

Support worker

Favourite food – Home made steak pie
Favourite TV show – Only Connect
Favourite colour – Purple (of course!)

The first time I went to Purple Patch everyone made me feel welcome straight away. They helped me learn the moves for the warm up and the signs for the cool down, and everything in between was a blur because time really does fly when you’re having fun and we were having a lot of fun.

It’s amazing how the sessions work so well for so many different people with different abilities and talents, and bring everyone together. Everyone gets the chance to shine, whether it’s down to showing off their physical skills, sharing their own knowledge with others or letting their imagination run wild.

The person I support enjoys Purple Patch so much that he NEVER asks to go for a ride while we are there. This is a man who ALWAYS wants to go for a ride. Every other day of the week he is out and about on public transport, but on a Thursday we go to Purple Patch and he gets so much from it. He laughs, sings and dances and engages with the sessions more than anything else he does. I love seeing how much he throws himself into Purple Patch and how much he enjoys being at the centre of everything. Not many things we do are truly inclusive and Purple Patch is easily at the top of that short list. It’s his favourite day of the week, which makes it my favourite, too.

My favourite part of the day? It changes every week, because any moment at Purple Patch could be the best moment of my day and there’s no way of knowing which one it will be until it happens.