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Partner - Leeds Community Foundation

Favourite Food – Yorkshire Pudding
Favourite TV Programme – Planet Earth
Favourite colour – Turquoise

Leeds Community Foundation is delighted to have funded Purple Patch Arts over the years through a number of grants programmes. Their proposals have always been well thought out, showing a strong understanding of the people they support, the barriers faced and a keenness to pilot new approaches, bringing their creativity and passion for improving the lives and life chances of people with Learning Disabilities.

They have always shown great attention to detail and a thirst for learning from and improving what they do. Their ‘Feel Good’ pilot project, which was funded through the Third Sector Health Grant programme thanks to NHS Leeds CCG funding, is a perfect example of how they combined their ‘purple’ creative, sensory and innovative approach with a strong interest in measuring health outcomes, working closely with The University of Leeds on this. This helped them make health education accessible and effective for people with Learning Disabilities. Purple Patch Arts are always a pleasure to work with!

Visit the Leeds Community Foundation website to find out more about their work.