A drawing of a person looking happy

Volunteer Placement

Favourite food – Scrambled eggs, spinach and potatoes
Favourite song – Beyonce, “Grown Woman”
Favourite colour – Metallic night blue

I graduated in December 2018 with a Master’s degree in extracurricular art education in Leipzig, Germany. After that I took the opportunity to complete a 4-month internship at Purple Patch Arts as part of the “Erasmus + Internship” support programme.

During the whole internship I was supported and treated extremely friendlily by the team in the office and the different programme leaders. From the very first day, the participants also respected, valued and treated me friendlily, and I gained a lot of experience. I also gained an intense insight into the remarkable and extremely professional work of Purple Patch Arts. During my entire internship time, I have never seen a participant who does not like this daily offer or who leaves the offer dissatisfied.

I have experienced that the work of Purple Patch Arts gives people with learning disabilities a great day where they can meet many other people, expand their knowledge of the world, history, geography, art, music, biology and many other subjects each time and feel understood and in good hands. In addition, it should be emphasised that the learning takes place through the senses; it is touched, smelled, heard, seen and tasted and thus the understanding of the world is expanded again and again. This concept is very impressive and inspiring and offers endless fun to the participants. I can recommend any art educator to become part of the Purple Patch Arts team and experience fantastic, fun, emotional and creative moments with people with learning disabilities.