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Partner - Eureka!

Favourite colour – Green
Favourite food – Comfort food
Favourite song – Jackie Lee, “White Horses”

I can’t remember how we found Purple Patch but as soon as we began planning our workshop for blind and partially sighted children with them, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. They grasped every aspect of the day straight away, not just in providing brilliant creative activities for the families (which they did) or fantastic staff who were flexible and proactive on the day when challenges arose (which they were) but also in understanding our organisation’s needs to provide quantifiable metrics for our funders.

Purple Patch introduced me to the idea of sensory evaluation activities, which really engaged the children and encouraged them to reflect on what they had gained from the session. The outcomes were far more meaningful than the usual Q & A, such as “what did you think of today?” “it was good”. Purple Patch were then able to quantify those outcomes so that we could provide our funders with hard data that clearly showed the impact of creative activities on hard-to-measure qualities, such as self-confidence, creativity and aspirations for the future.

The impact of the session for our families was fantastic to see – generating conversations between parent and child and seeing the smiles grow as they shared creative activities together. I can’t wait to work with Purple Patch again!

Visit the Eureka! website to find out more about their work.