Meet the office team

About the delivery team

We have a brilliant team of artists who are out and about delivering sessions across the region. Our Programme Leaders are the people who oversee workshops, manage the team, deliver sessions and undertake monitoring of learner progression. Our Programme Artists deliver fabulous creative sessions as part of the day, and our Programme Supports are the friendly faces welcoming people and making sure talents are nurtured and achievements noted. We also have the pleasure of working with fabulous consultants as part of our Projects and our general work.

Currently our wonderful team of Programmes staff, Projects staff, and Consultants are: Beth Shindler, Brendan Larkin, Caroline Webb, Chemaine Cooke, Ellie Redgrave, Hannah Barker, Imi Dickinson, Jean McEwan, Jenni Sykes, Kathleen Richards, Lauren Glynn, Lisa Debney, Lorna Johnstone, Marcus Robinson, Mel Dewey, Sarah Banks, and Tricia Arthur-Stubbs.

Meet the board

Our Board of Trustees are a fabulous group of people who help to keep us on the straight and narrow! They work closely with Fran on business planning, financial management, Health and Safety and everything in between, and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that’s invaluable to the company.